Browser Games

October 14, 2014

As announced in my [Hello World Post]({% post_url 2014-10-13-hello-world %}) here is my idea for a game that I plan to develop. I don’t mind giving it out into the world as it is quite complex and might not ever see the light of the day. I find it fun to think and plan complex projects, executing them is even better of course. But sadly I don’t have infinite time at my hands.

The Basic Idea

I really like the idea that If you can’t explain it simply, it’s too complex. So here it is:

Naip World is a Browser MMO allowing you to live the life of a resource manager in a high fantasy setting.


The game is going to be in the imaginary world of Naip which I am creating. Although the story of it is secondary to the game itself.

You would be one of the envoys sent from the goddesses of the sun, and strife. There you will be tasked to take care of a village a few hundreds of people big.

You won’t have any direct goals, but are put into the world with a purpose of serving one of the two goddesses, there are multiple ways to do this, each of which will give you certain bonuses/maluses.

While managing the city you will be able to build and take care of several buildings and units that you can place strategically on a map surroounding the village. For example a lumbermill could be placed on woodland to provide the village with wood necessary for further construction.

As the basic needs of the citizen are fulfilled you will have a lot of room for expansion. Once you are able to have a map of your surroundings you will be able to go and look for annexable nearby villages. Once that process is done you will be able to create cities and contest for dukekdom.


The most basic resources are wood, stone, food, added to that will be pottery and metals. Gold is also a resource, altough not one you can farm directly.